You can rest easy with Enlightenment Accounting Services

We work remotely, make office visits, telephone conference, and fit YOUR schedule. We have a clear understanding of what it takes to get you the proper bookkeeping that will INDEED lighten your load. We will make sure all is in order in your financial house.

You may have experienced what a nightmare it is to have tax issues, or to have relied upon someone who has given you faulty information. Maybe you are just starting out, and need to get yourself set up properly with accounting. You should not have to pay a cent more than what you legally owe in taxes, and to make this a reality it is crucial to have an excellent tax accountant paired up with a skilled bookkeeper.  We have a trusted resource for this and will be happy to refer you.

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Dedicated, Diligent Service.

  • Organization and filing
  • Bill-pay
  • Income tracking
  • Payroll and liability payments
  • Personal account management
  • Handling the bank/government agencies
  • Clearing your plate so you can be free to run your business.

The Output is Only as Good as the Input

Taxes are the necessary evil of our society. We can do great things for the common good, or we can advance specific agendas which may or may not be approved of by all of us taxpayers. But like it or not, taxes are here to stay, and we'd like to keep as much as we can of our hard-earned cash. A tax return that reflects the minimum that is owed can only be crafted if all the needed information is provided, and this can only be accomplished through the services of someone  who can effectively record and provide it. Enlightenment Accounting Services is here for you.